March 13, 2019

What’s New in the Jean Trends of 2019 – 2020

What’s New in the Jean Trends of 2019 – 2020

With the coming of the new year, the designers began to exhibit the new year models as well. Jeans are no longer simple as they were when they were first produced.

More colorful, more dynamic, more ornate, more accessible, with effects and prints, more in fashionable…

Let’s see how the jeans of this year and next year will look like?

Well Suited Jeans

 This model is inspired by the cutting style of suits.

When you look at it looks like a suit, but the only difference is that the fabric used is denim. Thus, thin denim fabric is chosen rather than the thicker one.

In order to soften that classic and formal look of the suit, denim fabric with different colors and patterns or stripes are used.

Crackle Jeans

Crackle Jeans

 A style created by applying color contrasts and giving the jeans a crack effect. The image of hard layer on the jeans was cracked and revealed the color underneath it was tried to be achieved.

Mixed Media Jeans

 Jean is a model created by combining different types of fabrics except denim. Leather, wool, cotton and linen-like fabrics are used in various parts of the jean to create a different style.

Raw Indigo Jeans

 Again it is the model made with the raw form of denim fabric and the original indigo blue color.

 Doodles Jeans

 A design created on jeans by using different patterns, models, shapes, letters and various sketches.

Chain Gang Jeans

 A torn jeans style enriched with nails, pins and chains. You can usually see these models in narrow cut jeans.

Splatter Jeans

 It has an image as if paint drops were splashed on the jeans when painting, leaving paint marks on the jeans.

The designers have designed such a model, thinking that it would be appreciated if it displays a shabby attitude.

As you see, there are no limits in fashion. Models that you can never imagine are entering our daily lives.      

Now you better get used to these models…

You will be wearing a model that you thought you would never wear when it becomes the trend.

We will see which one of these models will be most appreciated in the following months…

denim 2020 trends

denim 2020 trends

With love…

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