September 3, 2019

What is the Denim Manufacturing Proces?

What is the Denim Manufacturing Proces (1)

What is the Denim Manufacturing Proces?

Denim manufacturing consists of many different stages. First, denim pants will determine the fabric of the product. Denim fabric may vary according to the thickness or softness of the trousers you want to produce. It all depends on the product you want to produce. After determining the fabric on which denim will be produced, sample is made. The samples are sent to the customer of the denim manufacturer and presented to the customers. Some feedback about the product is received. Taking these feedbacks into consideration, another sample is made. After the approval of the sample can be entered into the production, the product is subjected to washing processes and denim production is started after obtaining the desired tone and texture.

The adventure of denim production actually starts here. Because everything from mold removal to the smallest detail must be calculated very accurately. Every process performed during production is very important. For example, in the washing process, the type of washing should be selected correctly and the product should be washed using the correct amount of substances. Otherwise, tons of fabric will be wasted. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the washing process. Then the manufactured products are cleaned and packaged by attaching their labels. Packaged and packaged products are shipped to be sent to the customer. As you can see, the denim production process is quite long and difficult. But quality products emerge. As Kuzgunlar Textile, we have been doing this job for 30 years and offer jeans that we produce all over the world.

  • Recycling is very important in the denim sector.
  • No smallest fabric waste should be produced.
  • Waste materials should be sent for recycling.
  • Recycling should bring these materials back to life.

What is the Denim Manufacturing Proces (2)

Sutainable Denim Manufacturers in Turkey

Denim is a living fabric, because of this feature denim material has so many places in fashion world. Blue jeans is timeless for that reason it is above the other trends. Giorgio Armani says ‘ Denim represents the democracy in the fashion world. ‘ it is not a coincedence. Turkey has an important places globally in the denim fabric and confection production export. Not only in terms of volume but also in terms of innovation, it is an important link in the supply chains of the industry’s leading brands. With this awareness, we want to talk about current changes in the denim industry and innovations in the field of sustainable denim. In spite of denim is a long-lived part of the fashion, but it is falling in the current consumption reality.

Recent years in the global denim sector, both consumption and production side there is demand surplus. There are some brands which are changing of the fashion rules and habits. Like ready cloth brands such as Inditex, H&M, Topshop, Uniqlo. They have been created big effect in denim terms. Quick consumption completeyly changed brand segmentation and brought also denim to the fashion scene. There was brands which determining the trends before 5 years such as Reply, Diesel G star.

In the last period they are concerning about the future bacause they are in a bad situation they are living in bad conditions like sales losses. Even we are following the big brands’s fall and we are waching the disappering of some brands. Italian brands and manufacturers, which are the most affected by this situation and which make the denim sector special, are struggling to obey the general environment and speed by succumbing to commercial pressures. All these retail realities and fast fashion trends, together with the quality and cost reduction requirements, and the need to move the production on the map.

So as you can see the sustainable applications in denim world is so important. As Kuzgunlar, we against the any waste materials. We are the sustainable denim manufacturer in Turkey. The recycling of waste denim fabric is so important. We should protect the environment and we should be protected from global warming. So if you want to add some beauties in the world please work us. For more information please contact us.

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