November 12, 2019

What does rinse wash jeans mean?

what does rinse wash jeans mean

What does rinse wash jeans mean?

Rinse wash is the simplest among the washing applications used in denim fabrics. The fabric is rinsed in water for a short time and gives as little effect as possible. It is generally applied in cases where dry and bright appearance is desired. In this type of washing, the products are washed in cold or warm water for a short or medium term.

Since Rinse washing is a light washing process, it does not cause major changes on the physical properties of the fabrics. It is undoubtedly a process that needs to be carefully examined. And well analyzed because it is one of the most commonly used washing processes. And even the smallest changes in fabric after washing have great consequences on the sewn product.

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The major purpose of denim washing is to make denim more wearable. Because raw denim fabric is quite hard and difficult to use. Denim washing processes soften the denim fabric and change its color. In this way, denim forms in different styles, patterns and designs. So as a result of denim washing process, denim gains its original form. The types of denim colors determines after these type of washing processes.

An important issue here is the differences between rinse washing and other washing types in most of the studies in the literature in general. For this reason, it is important to examine the changes in the rinsing process alone. And to evaluate this from a statistically broad perspective and to reveal the effective factors. It reveals most of the physical tests that are most important on the fabric. And are thought to have the most effect on the sewn product.

What color is rinse in jeans?

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This process, taking the hardness on the denim, is a simple washing process. It is commonly known as dark rinse. It is very effective on dark denim fabrics. Denim washing requires skill. So it would be right to work with washing companies that do their job very well. As Kuzgunlar Textile,  we entrust our denim fabrics to washing companies that are successful in the sector. As a result, we obtain denim fabrics with the most beautiful washings.

Experimental studies were carried out in order to determine the changes after washing in the fabric and to examine the relations as a whole. In the studies, the effects of washing temperature and time factors, which are the most effective parameters in rinse washing process, on the fabric performance results with changes in certain levels were investigated. The effects of these changes on the fabric were examined and significant inferences were obtained.

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