August 28, 2019

What Are The Things Should Known About Denim Manufacturing?

What Are The Things Should Known About Denim Manufacturing (2)

What Are The Things Should Known About Denim Manufacturing?

Denim is one of the most popular products around the world. It is a product that you can wear both as a daily dress and for the nights you want to be stylish. It can be combined with many different fabrics. You can make different combinations such as shirts, t-shirts and jackets. Denim trends change every year. Fashion designers add new comments to denim products every year. If you prefer the suits that are among the trends of the season as denim from top to bottom, you can create an elegant and stylish look. Denim skirts with denim look can give a different size, while the same color in your combination, by choosing a vibrant color you can make your accessories color burst.

As Kuzgunlar Textile, we are proud to produce the best quality denim products. We produce Turkey’s oldest and best denim manufacturer company in the trends and products to you. Today we will share with you what you need to know about denim manufacturing.

We make any denim product photo you send to us a reality and we produce the same product for you. Then we send you samples of your desired size and we get your approval. Then we produce according to the number you want. And we always care about sustainability.

What Are The Things Should Known About Denim Manufacturing (1)

What is Denim Fashion of 2019?

The 2019 denim trend is known as denim on denim trend. It means your all dresses is denim rom top to buttom. But of course there are some different ideas about this trend. You don’t have to wear the denim trend all the time with the same color. If you don’t want to dress the same color from top to bottom, you can add color to your combination with embroidered denim. You can create a stylish image by mixing dark and light denims.

You can easily catch the trend with denim dresses, asymmetric cut jeans with denim style you can add a difference. You can be the star of street fashion with denim shoes, you can collect all eyes on you.

Things to Know About Denim;

  • Denim was named for the first time in the city of De-Nimes, France.
  • At first, it was used as work clothes for workers only.
  • Denim fabric is mostly made of 100% cotton yarn.
  • Today, besides cotton fiber, polyester, linen, bamboo, viscose are also used in denim production.
  • In addition, elastomeric yarns have started to be used as weft yarns, especially in the production of elastic denim, and have become increasingly widespread.
  • Apart from: Modal or Lyocell blended yarns used in the production of denim fabric.

Denim is a gateway to a world without end. There are endless denim products in different colors in the world. New colors are added to these shades every day. As Kuzgunlar Textile, we are very happy to contribute to the world of denim. We do denim exports to the whole world from Turkey. We are ladies jeans manufacturer and men jeans manufacturer in Turkey. With nearly 30 years of experience, we offer you a beautiful denim world. For more information, please contact us.

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