December 9, 2019

What are faded jeans?

What are faded jeans

What are faded jeans?

Faded jeans meaning  are the type of jeans that are worn effect today. For this, the jeans are given a pale color using some discoloration methods. Jean is actually a new unused model. However, jeans manufacturing companies make special production on such a request. The fading effect for jeans is made during the washing process. Faded colors are obtained using different denim washing techniques.

Finishing operations for Jean creates the final appearance for the Jean. One step of the finishing process is the washing process. Of course the washing process is not so easy to call it but this mentioned washing is done with soap and water. In some Jean models you will see that there is no color uniformity and there is a color difference.

On some models, you’ll see that certain locations are lighter, some places are dark, with color contrasts, and some look more like a wrinkled look. All these differences are realized by these special washing processes. In other words, dry denim washing process is briefly finalized.

  • Today, there are many faded denim brand.
  • These brands both fade their products in a very high quality way and the pale jeans are used very durably.

Today, there are many people who use faded jeans regardless of men and women. Faded jeans mens or faded jeans womens is always a fashion. These faded view is so fashinable and beautiful and stylish. Especially faded jeans black is used more and more every year. So dark faded jeans is more fashionable than the other models for the jean buyers.

Also faded jeans mens fashion is more used fashion type for mens. The worn out jeans are preferred by men.

Now we will talk about some denim washing techniques.

Denim Withering/Faded Washing Techniques

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Stone Washing Technique:

This process is made especially using pumice stone. During the process is rubbed with denim stone. Different effects are given to the denim by using stones of different sizes. Color faded in the grinded areas. Color contrasts are provided. In this way, denim gets faded effect. The new jean turns into an old look.

Acid Washing Technique:

With this process, the color of dark denim acid is lightened. Sharp color contrast appears after the procedure. This model is a popular model from time to time. In this process, denim fabric is put into acidic water and rubbed with pumice stone. Acidic washing uses bleaching chemicals such as chlorine or potassium permanganet.

Jeans Giving Wrinkle Effect:

With this process, the denim fabric is given a curl and wrinkle effect and mimic. At the end of the transaction, it looks as if the jeans were used. It is usually a procedure applied on the knees and the starting points of the zipper.

When this process is applied for dark jeans, the applied places are opened as colors. For light-colored jeans, this process is applied and the applied areas are darkened to give a natural look. Sandblasting, sanding, hand sanding and laser methods are used in this process.

Atari Method:

This method is widely used in denim fabric. The top of the Jean is rubbed and slightly faded. Generally used on the knees, thighs and back pockets. This method is also applied to stitches and belts. This kind of color contrast and effects bring harmony and vitality to the jeans.

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