January 3, 2019

Turkey Denim Exports


The purpose of denim sector in Turkey is to reaching 2,1 billion dollar in the next year. Turkey wants to breaking new record in this sector. Denim sector’s target markets are Africa, America and Far East for this year. Both manufacturers and retailers are preparing to invest in the growing sector with value-added products.  Denim demand increases every year because denims are so comfortable and practical for our daily life and most of the people from 7 to 70 wearing denim with following new trends. Denims are so improtant for fashion world and from producing to retailers denims are  creating important economy network in recent years.

  • Turkey is the important player for world’s denim market. Approximately 350 million metres denim produces in a year.
  • At the end of 2018 Turkey’s denim producing expectation is 400 million meters.

Exports in a growing period with production. A significant growth in exports together with the production process. Previous year Turkey reached the best exports numbers for denim industry. Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association’s chairman of the board Ahmet Öksüz says the target of reaching 2,1 billion dollars for denim exports and wants to break a new records in denim export for 2019.

Turkey denim exports


Sector gives priority to value-added exports and this is reflected in figures. The export value per kilogram in denim fabrics increased from $ 9.13 to $ 10.22 in the first five months of 2018. Similarly, in denim garments, the export value per kilogram increased from $ 24.48 to $ 26.06 in the first five months of 2018.  Jeansindustry, mostly exporting to European Union(EU).  The first 5 months of 2018, denim exports was performed to 133 countries and regions. In export markets, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Algeria and Canada taking more attention. Ahmet Öksüz says the purpose of this sector not being in only one markets also should be increasing diversity of this markets. And he said, in the last period Africa and America is so important for us. In 2018 January-March period the rate of denim exports which we was performed to Africa is 12,2. Also our denim exports rates increased 16,5 to America. This is crucial for us, he said.


This fast growing sector activate producers. Producers companies and retailers increasing their denim investment. Çalık Denim, which produces denim for world’s important brands such as Zara Tommy Hilfiger is aim to invest 38 million dollar for technological infrastructure. Çalık Denim General Manager Hamit Yenici states that they are working on localization projects to meet the specific needs of these markets.

Denim growth of retailers in recent years in this job market also helped to make significant investments. Koton has 519 stores, 213 of which are abroad and 306 of which are in Turkey. In Turkey company has 7 stores and in Russia, company has 1 stores. By the end of 2018, it is aimed to open another jean store in Turkey. Ali İleri, the assistant general manager responsible for the sales, said that the share of denim sales in total sales exceeded 10 percent. Ali İleri says that we will continue to present the trend of the fashion world to our customers at affordable prices and we will bring our denim products to the forefront with our in-store arrangements.

Boyner which gives service in Turkey with 94 stores in last season increasing denim products collection share. The company sells denim products from different brands such as Jack & Jones, Loft, Levialars, Lee, Wrangler, Mustang, Guess, and Tommy Jeans. Also company preparing to create special denim brands for next year.


When denim mentioned, Mavi is the first company comes our mind.  The share of sales of denim products within the company’s reach to 46 percent. In 2017, the company sold 8.9 million jean to the world, and in 2017, it achieved 32% growth in denim products compared to the previous year. The CEO of Mavi’s Cüneyt Yavuz says, this trend will continue for next several years.

Yavuz says, while we are opening new stores and expanding the square meters of our existing stores, we will continue to grow in horizontal and vertical growth in retail. We open average 25 stores in a year. In our new stores our target is 600-800 square meters. We are devoloping our customer experiences in our İndigo Kitchen stores.

Lc Waikiki’s Vise President of Marketing, Pelin Erkıralp says, our target is opening new 120 stores in the world and reaches 1000 stores in the world.

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