a.First City:  ISTANBUL

Istanbul is one of the most developed province in Turkey. The history of Istanbul goes back to three hundred tousand years ago. The name of Istanbul was not put into the city by the Ottomans as it was thought. It is older. Constantine completes Istanbul and he puts his name to the city. No one can remain indifferent to Istanbul. The 7 hill, the sea passing through it, unique city with it’s natural harbor, The Goldon Horn. The history of Istanbul is also rich in the glory of the city. Every piece of Istanbul smells history. Istanbul was the capital of 2500 years. Istanbul has the young population and modernization adventure of Istanbul is also integrate in many areas of world. Qualified workforce, leisure tourism, and with a cultural perfection Istanbul is the biggest metropolis in Turkey. It is also easy to access to Istanbul.

b.Second City: KASTAMONU

The history of Kastamonu starts with Hittite Empire. Today, the cities of Kastamonu and the surrounding areas, and the Romans in the name of Paflagonya (Paphlagonia) in the name of one of the cities established by the Gasler “Timonion” or “Tumanna” is. The name of Kastamonu comes from the word of ‘Gas’ . This is the most logical possibility. In terms of phonetics, it is close to the today’s Kastamonu name. Kastamonu provided great benefit because of being the most reliable region in terms of logistic support during the National Struggle. After the proclamation of the Repuclic, The Great Leader Mustafa Kemel Ataturk made an important event in Kastamonu which name is ‘Dress and Hat Revenge’. This period was named “Culture, History and Art Week”.


Kuzgunlar is so sentitive to the environment. We are making lots of things to protect environment. Such as:

  • As a matter of business, lots of waste fabric remains. We are sending these parts for recycling.
  • Chemical matters are using least as much as possible. In the wash step necessary precautions are taken to protect our employees from chemicals.
  • We have recycling boxes to prevent paper wastage.
  • Our employees trained about environment.



Our company apply the National Legal Standarts and Industrial Comprarative Standards.

  • Minunum working age is 18
  • We are giving the minumum wage as a bottom wage.
  • Weekly working hours do not exceed 48 hours.
  • Weekly leave is 2 days.
  • If the employees has a reasonable cause they can leave.
  • No child labor is employed.
  • Also we have a doctor in our company for our employees. In order to intervene immediately if an accident occurs.
  • We have available places for drinkable water, food, toilet and resting.


Sedex (Supplier Ethics Data Exchange) is a non-profit organization that supports the development of responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Civil society organizations in the UK, trade associations and is a member of a social compliance initiative created by the company. The biggest aim is to ensure that the working conditions of all employees producing for the UK market comply with the International Labor Standards.

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