November 4, 2019

How To Make Your Jeans Look Worn?

How To Make Your Jeans Look Worn (1)

How To Make Your Jeans Look Worn?

Jean trousers are among the most worn clothes today. Denim, which has many different styles, is used especially for different effects. The different effects given to the denim fabric enable the products to be used in different styles. In particular, worn, worn-out denim is often used. This style is mostly used for daily sports wear.

Today, as Kuzgunlar Textile, we will tell you how to apply the worn effect to denim trousers. Let’s see which stages thanks to the denim gets worn effect. Let’s examine it. Here is the distressing Jean techniques.

How To Make Your Jeans Look Worn (2)

  1. Stone Washing

In the stone washing process, freshly dyed jeans are loaded into the large washing machine and rotated with pumice stone or volcanic rock to achieve a soft appearance. Then Composition types, hardness, size shape and pore size make this stone multifunctional. So, The process is very expensive and requires high capital investment. Pumice stone abrades the denim surface, such as sandpaper, creating a faded or worn appearance and removing some paint particles from the surfaces of the yarn.

For example, it is more gray and dull than the chemical color obtained by mechanical action (indigo dyed goods). The factors affecting the mechanical effect of washing machines are listed below:

  • Stone
  • cycle of the washing machine
  • drum diameter (fall height of the goods)
  • wing structure of the machine
  • the drum structure of the machine (drum holes)
  • the number of goods in the machine and the amount of water

So, The effects obtained chemically (with enzymes) are more punctual. Another difference of the effects obtained by the enzyme is that they are more vivid and bright. Especially in the grinding of thin fabrics, materials such as tablets, sponges and styrofoam are preferred with the enzyme instead of stone. Because it is possible that the stone breaks down thin fabrics, but one thing to remember is that if the amount and duration of the enzymes are not adjusted, they will lead to wear and loss of strength.

In goods with a light color and high effect, the enzyme is used with stone or the materials mentioned above depending on the structure of the fabric because only the desired color and effect can be achieved.

  1. Caustic Washing

This washing is usually done in reactive dye, sulfur dye, direct dyed or printed clothes. So, Caustic washing is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Clothing and sewing wear to achieve a pale / old-looking effect in the sewing area.
  • Increasing color fastness and friction fastness.
  • For wearing soft clothes.
  • To increase hairiness in clothes.
  • To obtain the receiver reference sample.

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