February 8, 2019

Differences between men’s and women’s jeans models

Denim jeans in Turkey

Differences between men’s and women’s jeans models

Body Differences:

 Waist and inside net length of the pants are taken into consideration when labeling men’s and women’s jeans according to body sizes.

For example, in a men’s jean numbered “34-32” or a women’s jean numbered 25 “-30”, the first number represents the waist size and the second number is the internal net length. (These dimensions are usually expressed in inches.)

The only difference that arises in numbering is that while the men body size is generally the standard, the body dimensions of women differ in every brand.

Jean designers go beyond the standard in body measurements with the touches that perfect the female body. 25”-30” body size differs in every jeans brand.

Style and Cuttings:

The women’s jean models are more ornate and more distinctive than men’s models.

Men’s jeans are generally designed with straight cuts extending across the leg, wide net, wide cuts dominated by the hip, while ladies’ jeans come with narrow hip, narrow waist, vertical hip, long leg length.

Waist sizes in women’s jeans are more varied than the waist sizes of men’s jeans.

While women have high waist, normal waist, low waist, and max waist models in their jeans, men usually have only low and medium height models.

Some specialized models such as “skinny jeans” or “tapered jeans” models are almost the same size for both women and men. It is also possible to see these similarities in the relaxed or boyfriend jeans designed for ladies and flared jeans designed for men.

Materials Used:

Generally, men’s and women’s jeans are produced using the same materials and subject to the same production process. At this stage, rather than sex, the brand name of the jeans becomes more prominent. Most of the cheap jeans are made from hard industrial denim and have a standard cut because they are cut in a machine. A lot of expensive denim designers also give jeans flexibility by adding better spandex or lycra materials. Some designers use hand-sewing or add individual ornaments. These differences are not gender related but rather related to the producer.

Jeans, which were designed for men and have always been indispensable for them, are also becoming indispensable for women.

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