April 17, 2019

Denim jeans in Turkey

Denim jeans in Turkey

Denim jeans in Turkey

Textile, a need and a business where you can grow fast and quickly if you have good ideas. There are different sectors or fields in textile and I would like to carry on with apparels. I am starting an online clothing shop in the UK/England with my own brand.

This idea clicked me last year so, i studied about it and in short i found it a logical business. The world has changed a lot because of competition and fast Asia, the biggest hub in textile industry or you can say the biggest textile producing continent and for past few decades Turkey has progressed astonishingly in textile and it is popular about its denim fabric.

People love wearing denim garment so I decided to give a visit to manufacturers in Istanbul and there are hundreds of companies which manufacture denim garments.

As I have to find a supplier for my online shop who can make things for my brand after meeting almost 30 suppliers I met Kuzgunlar textile which has been producing denim and non-denim garments for about 30 years and they have got 2 facilities with more or less 250 employees. I wanted to place a demo order because it was my first time so, I didn’t want to take any risks and I put my situation in front of them and they told me that we can work as working partner and they wanted to support it touched my heart a lot.

I as a customer felt that Kuzgunlar is my own working place and leant my back and felt how lucky I am. I spent 3 days with them they made sample for me in 3 days! I still can’t believe that. The most beautiful thing I saw there was hospitality and I had many cups of Turkish coffee which I have had never before. We went to lunch, dinner and even for breakfast together which really rich. The food was amazingly delicious. Anyway, the last day when they gave me the samples I was really happy and satisfied everything was perfectly done and washes were really nice.

  • I really appreciate their services and good job.


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