January 1, 2019


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The fashion weeks started in the passed days. After The New York, Milano and London fashion weeks, the last stop of the fashion marathon was Paris. Of course, there was some models and trends conflicting eachother in that fashion weeks but the Paris Fashion Week slightly different than the others. Paris Fashion Week has had some specific trends, so Paris known as the City of lights in the fashion worlds.  When we looked at the trends in all Fashion weeks, we see the following denim types in 2019 Spring/Summer time.

  • Denim Eclipse

Are you ready to wash the denim in the new season ?  The fashion of denim on denim will be continue in 2019. Isabel Varant also cared about this fashion mostly, she even used denim on her boots. For the next season you shouldnt give up the denim which you can combine the different styles.  

Denim Fashion in 2019
  • Cycling Shorts

After a long break, cycling shorts entered our lives again in last season.  in some fashion weeks they showed their effects. In the new season if you follow new trends you can catch a stylish view in your clothes. You can combine with the jackets or shirts. Only you should focus where you wear it.

  • Detergent Effect: Acid Washing Denim

Acid washing denim entered our life in 80’s. In 2019 Spring / Summer season they entered the fashion world again. Denim,  the official uniform of the street, is returning our lives by rotating in the time machine.

  • Overalls

The hit element of the season is the new generation overalls. Industrial parts with tassels showed their strength in the podium with Dries yan Noten’s new collection.

  • Patched Jeans

If you want to add different and attractive jeans in your wardrobe, you should give a chance to patched jeans. You can choose the patches of different colors of denim fabric as well as colorful, patterned patches. By patching the pants you are tired of wearing, you can evaluate your old trousers and reflect your style.

  • Short Jeans Fashion

The recent innovation for denim world is short jeans types. İt gives denim the view like unfinished. Fringes, asymmetric cuts and patterns look great. It is very fashionable in stripes and classic cuts. Blue, dark blue, tile red, indigo are the most popular colors.

  • Wide Cut Jean Fashion

You can regain your self-esteem with wide sections. Especially if you have some weight, this is the right design. You can look more wonderful by hiding your weight and your body’s flaws with this style of Jean.

  • Velvet Jeans Trend

It would be better to use this model in cool times of the year. The model is warm and comfortable. The most recent patterns in this denim style are striped and flat designs. Flat, narrow and short styles are the most prominent ones. In color, red, brick-red, red-brown, chocolate color, black and indigo are the most popular.

As we seen above, the denim fashion has different styles in next year. Like 2018 different colors, styles, designs will enter our life. And some of different styles will be combining in same styles. In one denim we can see different patterns such as flowers, or colors or rips.

In the following days, we will see the trends of the Autumn / Winter season. Follow us !

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