What jeans are the most durable?

What jeans are the most durable

What jeans are the most durable? Jeans are one of the most widely used trends in the world, regardless of gender. In our selection of jeans, we should first choose jeans that are suitable for body proporion and then durable and quality jeans. Jeans that you can find in many […]

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Where can I get jeans manufactured for my brand?

Where can I get jeans manufactured for my brand

Where can I get jeans manufactured for my brand? Denim production sector requires experience and knowledge. That’s why denim manufacturing has worked for many years and working with specialized companies will always be the right decision. In addition, wholesale denim manufacturer companies will always make your products more affordable price […]

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Turkey Denim Exports

TURKEY’S DENIM EXPORT The purpose of denim sector in Turkey is to reaching 2,1 billion dollar in the next year. Turkey wants to breaking new record in this sector. Denim sector’s target markets are Africa, America and Far East for this year. Both manufacturers and retailers are preparing to invest […]

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Denim Manufacturers

DENIM FASHION IN 2019 The fashion weeks started in the passed days. After The New York, Milano and London fashion weeks, the last stop of the fashion marathon was Paris. Of course, there was some models and trends conflicting eachother in that fashion weeks but the Paris Fashion Week slightly […]

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Jeans Manufacturing Factory Near Me

DENIM PASSION In 1870 the first blue Jean made by Levi Straus for the miner. Blue Jean legend started by famous people in 1950’s and still indespensable for all over the world in the current times. The name of the Denim comes from the city which name is De’Nimmes from […]

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