August 4, 2019

Can Jeans be made double sided?

Can Jeans be made double sided

Can Jeans be made double sided?

Yes, they can!

The name of the brand is Bluelab…

Its creater is designer Carl Jones…

With different jean designs, Blueb strips off from thousands of jean brands and becomes the world’s most important jean brand.

Dealing with a decadent design business for over 10 years, Jones combines colors and versatility to create a double-sided plot.

When Jones travels to China in 2009, he sees double-sided fabrics and the idea comes to mind: he says that he should use it in jeans, and she brings that idea to the United States. In the double-sided Jean creation process, the test passes through many washing and processing tests, using double-headed buttons and two-way zippers and five pockets on each side.

And creating two pairs of jeans out of one pair!

Can Jeans

“If I tried to sell classic five-pocket jeans, I would not have had a chance on this market,” he says. “I had to design something different and special.” And he creates this brand.

The Bluelab collection consists of 20 color combinations and 4 cuts.


Jones creates jeans that can be used on both sides by combining many color tones, such as light blue-dark blue, gray-black, sky blue – plum green and with or without prints.

Although the designer collection mainly features female jeans models, there are also options for men.

One side of the jeans is designed for daily use, and the other side is designed for night life.

  • “I designed these models for people who love fashion, want something new and travel a lot,” says Jones.
  • “Instead of putting six jeans in your suitcases, you will only need three of them,” he says.

It can be possible with such interesting designs to get among the best designers of the world by stripping away from many jean designers available today. If you would like to visit the website of the designer, please visit

With love.


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