December 26, 2019

Best Men’s Jeans Manufacturer in Turkey

Best Men’s Jeans Manufacturer in Turkey

Best Men’s Jeans Manufacturer in Turkey

Jeans, which are indispensable in our daily life, are the parts that make us happy in every age, every period and in any environment. No doubt I’m the one who’s happy when I get dressed. Dressing increases self-confidence. Every outfit wears symbolizes your personality. So choosing clothes is very important.

As Kuzgunlar Textile, we are producing the best quality and durable men jeans for you. We export to all countries, especially Europe and Middle East. We are working based in Istanbul and Kastamonu Turkey. And we are the best men jeans manufacturer in Turkey.

We work with the best jean brands in Europe. We are manufacturing with your desired and favorite jeans fabrics. Jean fabrics vary from season to season. Thin jean fabric is used in summer, while thick jean fabric is used in winter.

We have examined the jeans fabrics below for you. OZ values ​​are used to specify the thickness of a jean fabric. Jean fabric thicknesses are generally as follows;

Jeans fabrics are primarily named with different weight measurements such as 8 oz, 9 oz, 10 oz, 11 oz. However, cotton, polyether, lycra mixture also shows differences. For example, denim fabrics that we call power lycra are generally used in making women’s trousers.

In contrast, in men’s jeans, fabrics such as lycra-free 10 oz are often used depending on the season. Thin denim fabric are mostly used in hot weather, whereas thick denim fabrics with higher oz weight are used in hot weather. In addition to weaving, cotton, lycra and polyester ratios determine the fabric quality.

  • Jean manufacturing requires craftsmanship.
  • If you are looking for the best quality jeans manufacturer company, we are the right address for you.
  • You can intervene in every stage of production by constantly communicating with our customer representatives.


Simply send us the model you requested, the fabric will be taken, the preparation of accessories, manufacturing done, ironing package will be delivered to you finished. You can get a price in our ready-made jeans. Please contact us by mail or phone.

High Quality Branded Denim Jeans Manufacturer

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As Kuzgunlar Textile, our company produces jeans for women and jeans for men as well as our wholesale store located in Istanbul and Kastamonu. If you want our jeans are produced with their own pants belt or jeans belt is produced. If you are working with us it means you are working with high quality branded denim jeans manufacturer. And you will never regret to work us.

If requested, we can also provide without belts. Our latest jeans manufacturer company that follows the latest fashion is enough to contact for the latest jeans models. We can offer you the latest fashion jeans we have. Large size ripped jeans models are available. You can also get information about our oversized boyfriend jeans models.

In addition, as Kuzgunlar Textile, we are able to manufacture women’s and men’s denim jackets. Our company, which produces high quality clothing, has nearly 35 years of experience in this sector. We rely on our success and experience to the fullest.

If you prefer us, we can be the manufacturing side of your brand. Our references are quite numerous. If you are looking for the best jeans manufacturer company in Turkey Kuzgunlar Textile is definitely the right address for you.

As Kuzgunlar we work with the best premium denim brands in the world.

Men Jeans Combinations

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The first rule of having a stylish style is not to make fashionable choices, but to make choices that match your body type. Choosing clothes that will recognize your body correctly and camouflage flaws in an ideal way will give you a glamorous look, even with non-fashionable choices.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the body type correctly in order to make the right dress choices and to reflect the elegance of the designs in the best way. Body type analysis, which is critical during trousers, is extremely important for many men and women who want to make the right trousers.

Although it is the first type that comes to mind when it comes to body type, it is possible to talk about many different body types for men. There are many body types for women and men, and the jeans models to be chosen for each body type should also be different from each other.

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There are clothes that are indispensable for every season. Basic t-shirts, jean pants, dresses are indispensable for all seasons, while jean jackets are indispensable for season passes. With the arrival of the winter months, it is the right time for the jean jackets to come out of the wardrobes.

Black, blue jeans and other jean fabric jackets are among the products that attract attention in recent years. We can make jeans with boots to complement our style.

Jeans are often preferred regardless of age or winter. Especially when the men make denim ten denim combined, they make a very stylish street combination.

You can create a great style by wearing white sneakers under the jeans in summer and wearing boots under the jeans in winter.

For more information, please contact us. You will never regret working with us. Kuzgunlar Textile is Turkey’s best men’s denim manufacturing company.

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