February 4, 2019

Awesome Motorcycle Safety Jeans!

Awesome Motorcycle Safety Jeans!

Motorcycle Jeans! Is it like jeans we wear every day?

Both yes and no!

Yes, because it looks like normal pair of jeans … No, because when you look at the jean from the inside, the situation becomes a little different.

The difference is in the protective undercoat sewn inside the jeans.

Some jean models have a different structure than others. It is possible to see this in jeans, which are produced for special purposes. The most obvious example is to these jeans is motorcycle jeans.

Riders prefer models that are both stylish, fit to the body and feel comfortable inside. Of course it’s not only about visuality but also about safety!

While riding a motorcycle, jeans should be comfortable and have some protective features. There is no protective cage around you like a car. The only things that will protect you: your helmet and your clothes.

You need to know why you choose jeans. It’s your protective barrier.

In order for damage to road accidents to be at a minimum level, the protective features of the jeans you receive must be at the maximum level.



Points to pay attention:

Motorcycle jeans come with an extra protection feature built into the interior of the jeans, which should have a high level of protection.

The most basic protection primer used for this purpose is kevlar and dyneema which has just started to be used. Let us give you some clarification on these contents.

  • Woven Kevlar: Kevlar is a very light, carbon-based, firm fiber. The woven fabric made using this material is sewn to the inner parts of the jean as shown in the picture above. It is aimed at minimizing skin damage caused by falling and crashing in the event of an accident.
  • Knitted Kevlar: It has more protective properties than Woven Kevlar. Just like woven kevlar, it is used by sewing to the inner parts of the jean.
  • Dyneema: The raw material of Dyneema perlons is high performance polyethylene. Among all, dynemaa has the highest level of protection.
  • Knitting Kevlar and Dyneema:

The most durable type of lining is used by mixing with kevlar and dyneema threads. This type of liner is designed to keep the rider with maximum safety for road accidents. Dynemaa has very high protection features. It has a structure 15 times stronger than steel and 40 times stronger than kevlar with an extra measure of protection and durability. It provides long-term protection against the harsh effects of the environment. it also allows the body to remain cool in road injuries. Dyneema has been found to be highly resistant to explosion, tearing and abrasions as a result of tests conducted in the laboratory environment.

So, at least one of the primers must be used on the inside of the motorcycle jeans.

Now you have learned how motorcycle jeans should be.

These may look like small but actually important details.           

When it comes to life safety, we need to skip no details.

Stay with love and good health …

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