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In our jeans factory each of production stages are handled with special care. Design, product development, modeling room, cutting embroidery, sewing, washing, quality control and iron packaging are inspected according to customer demands and within the framework of quality standards.

denim manufacturer in Turkey


We use StyleCad program which is recognised by international systems as Gerber Gemini, and Coretex. The Kuzgunlar Textile, design and product development teams follow the latest season trends and seamlessly blend their own creative knowledge and the requirements of the customer. We are modeling our products with Photoshop and Corel Software

Denim Jeans Manufacturers in Turkey

Kuzgunlar Textile is a Turkey based organisation, with an HQ and facility in Istanbul and Kastamonu facility, which is aiming always to be best and sustainable in producing denim and non-denim garments for both women and men.

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