January 9, 2020

7 Ways to Protect Jeans From Fading

7 Ways to Protect Jeans From Fading

7 Ways to Protect Jeans From Fading

Dark denim jeans took their place among the indispensables of our wardrobe. Jeans are a very stylish and useful outfit that we can easily wear on the way to work or at night invitations. Jean is a savior product in any environment. However, besides these good features, dark denim has a bad reputation like paint spill.

It’s really frustrating to see our favorite denim jean white furniture, light clothes or skin. Even if we wash it a couple of times, we’il still see that our jeans are still leaking paint. Don’t think that Jean is cheap because it is color-leaking. Even if you wear expensive jeans by special designers, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the same problem. As Kuzgunlar Textile denim manufacturer we are helping to you for this problem.

So what do we have to do to keep our jeans from pouring paint? Very easy!

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7 items denim jeans maintenance;

  1. You should wash your newly bought jean before wearing
  2. Wash your jeans by turning them over and always use cold water. If you use hot water, your jeans will pull. The jean should be turned upside down before throwing it in the machine so that it does not flow too much.
  3. Wash your jeans one by one. If you wash with your other clothes, the paint that your jean spills can paint your other clothes. If you don’t know what to expect from the machine, or if you don’t trust your machine, it’s best to wash it by hand. So you won’t be surprised.
  4. While rinsing your jeans, add vinegar to the rinse water. Don’t be afraid the smell of vinegar is not permanent. When you hang to dry your jeans, vinegar evaporates within 5 minutes and leaves no odor. Moreover, it is a completely organic method. If you do not want to be surprised when removing it from the machine, be sure to note the degree of your machine! Jean pants are washed in cold water.

The vinegar will ensure that the jean of the paint is well sealed. Of course it would be better if you wash jean by hand. Press the vinegar well into the water and let the jeans absorb the vinegar. When you wash it by hand, you prevent the deformation of the jeans.

  1. Do not dry your jeans in the dryer after hanging them dry. This is especially necessary to keep the shape of the jeans. One of the most important rules of Jean care is not to wash frequently. Do not dispose of the machine after every clothing unless it is very dirty. Jean fabric is a quick wear fabric.
  2. Another method: to keep your jeans in salt water for one hour. Thus the salt will penetrate the jean thoroughly and prevent the jeans from leaking paint. After following all these steps, you will see that your jeans are no longer pouring paint. Only wash your jeans together in your washing machine. Take care not to throw more than 4 jeans into the machine alone.
  3. Although Jean is a piece that can be worn every day, we get very high prices. Because the wear rate is high because it is worn every day, so we prefer expensive ones.

If cleaning and maintenance of the jeans are done correctly, the service life will be prolonged. Now we will tell you about the details of jeans care.

How Much Degree of Jeans are Washed in the Washing Machine?

7 Ways to Protect Jeans From Fading (2)

The ideal wash water temperature of the jeans is 40 ° C. Light and dark jeans should not be washed together. So you can keep their colors for a long time. Jeans washed at 30 degrees are also available. Observe the washing instructions on the jeans label thoroughly.

Is Softener Used When Washing Jeans?

The inside of the jeans has a product label. There is no harm in using the softener at the rate stated on that label. To maintain the color of dark jeans, it is recommended to wash with cold water.

Is it possible to revive the color of old jeans?

It is possible to wash the old jeans and the new jeans together to revive the color of the old jeans. In this way, the new jeans paint can mix with the old jeans paint to get a new look.

How to Dry Jeans?

Jeans can be hung by hanging on their own or drying with a high rotational speed dryer. But this should be your last preferred method. Experts state that the dryer is not suitable for jeans.

How are the colors of jeans protected?

Jeans should be turned upside down before they are thrown into the washing machine. It is recommended that the pants be slightly damp when ironing.

Is it possible to tighten my jeans?

You can wash your old jeans a little by washing at 95 ° C. However, this method will lighten the color of your pants a little. Keep in mind.

If you want jeans that surround my body, if you prefer Lycra fabric jeans, you can have jeans that surround your body.

What to pay attention to when buying jeans?

What jeans are the most durablee

  • Always try when buying jeans. Take it if you feel comfortable.
  • Check your pocket depths by placing your hands in the pockets.
  • Take a few models with you when rehearsing. By understanding the difference, you can choose the best model.
  • Take your favorite belt with you. Try wearing your seat belt at the rehearsal. Not all pants are cut.

As you can see, jeans are easy to maintain but there are rules to know. Today we have shared with you what you need to pay attention to during jeans care. Please pay attention to these rules if you want to have a longer life of denim jeans.

As Kuzgunlar Textile we prefer the best quality denim fabric, as you know, every jeans dye flows a little. So you can be happier by following our instructions.

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